Chilean Seabass Fresh Portion (6 oz)

$29.99 per pound

Wild Caught

This product is under CRC Kosher Supervision

Each portion is approx. 6 oz.

Size chart for reference (approx. size):

1 pound = 2-3 portions
2 pounds = 4-5 portions
3 pounds = 8 portions

Comes with skin on.

The final price may vary slightly according to the weight

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Chilean seabass is a very high-quality fish that originated from the deep Southern Ocean waters of Chile. This fish was renamed in 1977 and became extremely popular in the US in the 1990s. Chilean seabass fish have a lifespan of about 50 years and can grow up to 7 feet and weigh in at a massive 200 pounds! Due to the frigid temperature of the Antarctic water, Chilean seabass have a very high oil content which is responsible for the incredible buttery texture of the fish.

This fish would be found served at very high-end restaurants rather than fast food chains because its quality is a league above all popular fish. Chilean seabass is a pure delicacy. When cooked properly, Chilean seabass meat is a pristine white with a texture that is moist, flaky, and will melt deliciously in your mouth. This fish is also known for its very rich flavor that can absorb the taste of any sauce it is cooked with.

This fresh Chilean seabass kosher fish is perfect for you to have on hand whenever you feel inspired to cook this exquisite fish. Our frozen fish comes in approximately 6-ounce portions with the skin on for easy cooking!

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Chilean Seabass Fresh Portion (6 oz)

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