Everything Bagel Spice Herring & Lox


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As a standard delicacy in the Jewish home, we carry a wide array of pickled herrings. Herring are small forager fish that swim in both salt and freshwaters. These fish generally do not grow longer than sixteen inches long and have a mild tasting flaky meat. Though herring can be cooked in many ways, pickling them has been part of the European Jewish cuisine for decades and can now be found used all over the world and ours is made from Canadian pickled herring. Aside from being the base of a variety of flavor combinations, herring provides an incredible source of lean protein as 9 grams of protein is found in every 3 ounces of the little fish!

My Rebbe’s Choice: Everything Bagel Spice Herring is inspired by Rav Yisrael Rizhin, a prominent Chassidic Rebbe in 19th century Ukraine and Austria. Rav Rizhin was famous for his open acceptance of anyone who wanted to be in his Chassidic Court and that is why this herring contains everything bagel seasoning as well as the bonus addition of lox. This herring is sure to be packed with all sorts of flavors found in the combination of seasoning: bagel edition, to give you the most incredible edible experience!

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