Exotic Seafood Box


Special Boxes:SB3

Package includes:

2 pieces of Grouper (10 oz. each)

2 pieces of Red Snapper (8 oz. each)

2 pieces of Branzino Filet frozen (8 oz. each)

2 pieces of Tuna Steak (8 oz. each)

2 pieces of Chilean Sea bass (8 oz. each)

Product Kosher Supervision
Grouper OK – Kosher for Passover
Red Snapper OK Kosher
Branzino Fillet CRC
Tuna Steak CRC
Chilean Sea Bass CRC

Additional information

Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $74.99.


Kosher Certified

A symbol of quality, and a plus for all consumers, especially for Kosher and Halal-adherent markets. All our products have their own specific Kosher certification on their label.

Healthier Packaging

AquaSeal® a breathable vacuum packaging method, is a healthier alternative which allows our JONA fresh fish to air out and retain freshness by suppressing the bacteria growth.

Fish by Fish Inspection

 Our rabbis routinely inspect every single fish for kashrut and quality so you can shop a wide variety of top quality products online and get it delivered to your home.

Product Description

Whatever your opinions of popular, more common fish may be, our exotic seafood box is guaranteed to give you an easy step into the world of exotic fish. The exotic seafood box has been created to give you a range of incredibly fresh premium fish! This box is full of exciting fish such as red snapper, grouper, frozen branzino fillet, tuna steak, and Chilean sea bass.

The fish included in this box can be cooked and seasoned any way you like and can be put into the freezer to be eaten at a later date. Our exotic seafood box has been created to suit the likes of anyone who wants to try something new or get a box of their favorite, more exotic fish.

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