Grilling Cedar Planks – Pack of 2

$13.99 or $16.99 depending on Size

Size 1 is perfect for any portion sizes of fish like:

Chilean sea bass
Branzino filet
and more…..

Size 2 is perfect for bigger sides of fish and whole fish:
Side of salmon
Whole branzino


If you are looking for a place to buy cedar planks for grilling you have come to the right place! Using cedar grilling planks to grill fish is an easy way to add flavor to the dish. As the cedar plank is heated, moisture is pulled from it, drawing out the subtle wood flavor and infusing it into the fish as it slowly cooks. Since the plank cooks the fish with moisture it allows the fish to remain juicy and flavorful instead of drying out on the grill. When you buy cedar grilling planks from us, you can be sure that you are getting the best grilling planks that will significantly enhance the flavor of the fish you are grilling. Salmon is one of the most common fish to use and we definitely recommend a good cedar plank salmon grill at your next BBQ!

Our Cedar planks come in packs of two and we have two sizes to choose from: size 1 is great for grilling Chilean sea bass, cod, branzino filet, smaller salmon portions, and many more! If you are cooking a larger piece such as a whole branzino or a side of salmon, our size 2 is likely a better fit

Additional information


Size 1 – 5X11 inches, Size 2 – 7×15 inches


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