Grouper Fillet Frozen

$14.99 per pound

Wild Caught

OK Kosher

Each piece is approx. between 10-12 oz.

Size chart for reference (approx. size):

1 pound = 2.5 portions
2 pounds = 5 portions

Comes with Skin on

The final price may vary slightly according to the weight

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Grouper fish belongs to the sea bass category, one of the largest and most popular categories of retail fish. The grouper fish can be found in Mid-Atlantic states and Florida, and all the way down to South and Central America, and even in the Gulf of Mexico. Grouper fillet’s flavor is a combination of the flavor profiles of halibut fish and bass fish with its exceptionally mild taste containing subtle hints of sweetness. This allows the fish to absorb any seasoning or sauces it is cooked with, making it a perfect protein-packed base for any meal. The grouper is kosher and we sell ours in 10-12 ounce portions without the skin.

Frozen grouper fillets are a great staple to keep on hand. They freeze well, and defrost perfectly, keeping their original crisp freshness.

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Grouper Fillet Frozen

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