Nile Perch Fillet Kosher for Passover

$12.95 per pound

This product is under CRC Kosher Supervision Kosher for Passover

Each piece is approx 1 pound

Comes with Skin On.

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Nile perch is a very large freshwater fish native to Africa. This fish, sometimes known as the water elephant or the goliath perch, can grow up to 6 feet long and weigh up to 300lbs! This fish prefers shallow waters and given its size, is relatively easy to catch.

The Nile perch is nearly boneless, providing ideal meat content for the Nile perch fillet. When raw, the Nile fish fillet meat has a pinkish color that turns into an elegant white after it’s been cooked. Like most fish, the Nile perch is loaded with vitamins and nutrients but the perch stands out with its enormous vitamin A and E content as well as ranking as the fish with the highest omega-3 fatty acid concentrations.

Nile perch fillets are considered to be firm and thick with mild flavors and a moist texture. As this fish has a very light and mild taste, it can be generously seasoned to taste and can be cooked in any way. Its high-fat content makes it an ideal fish for the smoker or grill.

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Nile Perch Fillet Kosher for Passover

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