Pre Sliced Smoked Salmon

$22.99 per package

This product is under CRC Kosher Supervision

Each package is 1 pound of pre sliced smoked salmon.

The final price may vary slightly according to the weight


Salmon is one of the most popular kinds of fish eaten due to its wonderfully fresh smell and flavor. Salmon is perfect for people who are just being introduced to the world of fish because of its mild flavor and fresh smell. The texture of salmon is silky smooth with a buttery feel. Salmon is also packed with an incredible variety of protein, vitamins, and nutrients making it one of the most healthy meals one can have. Salmon possess the necessary nutrients that can help ward off heart disease!

Among the very many ways to prepare salmon, smoking it is right up at the top of the popularity list. Pre-sliced smoked salmon undergoes a cold-smoking process to give it the smoky flavor without actually cooking the fish. Slicing the smoked salmon makes it very easy to handle. Whether you want to lay it across your bagel with cream cheese to complete the traditional Jewish sandwich or roll it up neatly to serve on an hor d’oeuvres tray, pre-sliced smoked salmon will be a crowd-pleaser for any occasion!

We carry the reputable Golden Catch line of smoked salmon and the package of smoked salmon slices price is $22.99 and contains about 1 pound of delicious fish.

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Weight1 lbs


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