Salmon Portion Sushi Grade (4-6 oz)

$10.99$11.49 per pound

This product is under CRC Kosher Supervision

Each portion is approx. 4-6 oz.

Size chart for reference (approx. size):

1 pound = 4 portions
2 pounds = 8 portions
3 pounds = 16 portions

Skin Off is an extra 50 cents per pound

The final price may vary slightly according to the weight

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Our site is the perfect place to buy sushi-grade salmon. We understand that making sushi at home can be a bit daunting and that you want to be sure the fish you are using is fresh and of the highest quality. We guarantee our sushi-grade salmon possesses both of those essential qualifications.

When buying our sushi-grade fish, you can make your own sashimi instead of buying salmon sashimi! You can also make fresh salmon sushi or poke bowls, two more dishes that are both delicious and fun to make when you order sushi-grade salmon!

Why choose salmon to put in your sushi? Salmon is one of the most commonly eaten and popular fish because it is known to have a very rich and buttery texture due to its high percentage of healthy, saturated fats. The fish is full of incredible nutrients that add to the advantage of it tasting absolutely delicious! The health benefits of having salmon in your diet are excellent; salmon is known to contain vitamins and nutrients that significantly decrease the chances of heart disease.

Our sushi-grade salmon price is competitive and we strive to give you the highest quality that is available on the market.

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Weight0.25 lbs

Skin On, Skin Off


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Salmon Portion Sushi Grade (4-6 oz)

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