Shabbos Box – Feeds 4 people


Special Boxes:SB9

Each box contains:

1 Gefilta Fish (20 oz)

8 pieces of Baby salmon (6 oz pieces)

1 pound of regular lox

These products are under CRC Kosher Supervision


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For those weeks that leave you pressed for time on Friday or those of you that don’t love cooking fish or are planning to go away for the weekend, our shabbos box might be the lifeline you need! Filled with the fish you want at any shabbos table, our shabbos box includes one 20 oz gefilte fish, eight 6 oz pieces of baby salmon, and 1 lb of our delicious regular lox. In addition to the base elements of our shabbos box, we have a wide array of items you may add to your box. We have curated this box to comfortably feed four people but if you have more mouths to feed or larger appetites to satisfy, we recommend our larger shabbos box, estimated to feed eight people!