Sliced Seabass



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Seabass, often simply called sable, are charcoal-colored fish found deep below the water’s surface. These mysterious fish are up there with the most sought-after fish available. Aesthetics alone set the Seabass, also known as the black cod, high above its competitors as it has a fascinating charcoal black skin with a contrasting bright white meat. There are few fish that can compete with the rich Omega-3 content that sable boasts. The high levels of the fatty acid gives the meat of sable the most delectable texture; before you chew the first bite, the meat will have already begun to melt away, letting the flavors permeate your mouth. The oily nature of sable is also what makes it a perfect fish for smoking as it will retain its moisture and prevent it from drying out through the smoking process.

Sliced Seabass can be eaten alone, atop a bagel, or alongside another fish. Seabass smoked fish will luxuriously enhance any meal it is added to.