Smoked Fish Box


Box contains:

6 oz of Regular Lox
6 oz of Pastrami Lox
6 oz of Pepper Lox
6 oz of Japanese Lox
6 oz of Gravlax
1.5 pound of Kippered Salmon

These products are under CRC Kosher Supervision

Add on Additional Items such as Smoked Tuna or a Whole Smoked Whitefish


If you are looking for a variety of fish, this box is exactly what you need. Whether you want to try a little bit of different flavored lox, want to serve a variety platter at a brunch, or simply stock your fridge with wonderful lox options, our smoked fish box suits any and all of those needs.

This smoked fish box is filled with four versions of lox:

  • Regular lox
  • Pastrami lox
  • Pepper lox
  • Japanese lox

All our lox are wood smoked to imbed the lox with a maximum blend of flavor and have the trademark fine texture ideal for lox.

Our pastrami lox is infused with delicious smoky flavors and our pepper lox, as its name suggests, has a pepper coat.

Our unique Japanese lox perfects the balance between sweet and salty flavors.

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Weight4 lbs


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Smoked Fish Box

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