Cedar Grilling Wraps


Grilling Planks:GR6

$13.99 for 8 Cedar Wraps for Grilling


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No grill, no problem! With the Western Red Cedar Grilling Wraps, you can infuse your food with powerful flavors and aromas without using a grill! Due to cedar’s naturally sweet and earthy flavor, these grilling wraps pair deliciously with fish though they do work wonderfully with vegetables and chicken as well. These cedar wraps are made from very thinly sliced and pliable pieces of cedarwood.

The process is simple: soak the cedar grilling papers just long enough to allow the wood to be wrapped around your food of choice, fill it with said food, tie the cedar wraps for cooking with the provided string, cook, and voila! The end result will be a richly scented and flavored dish. Aside from locking flavor into the food, the cedar grilling wraps also prevent moisture from cooking out, creating a wonderfully soft and moist fish at the end. On top of all the aromatic and taste benefits of cooking with cedar grilling wraps, there is also the mess-free cook to note! Cleanup from cooking with these wraps is close to nothing as they are one-time-use wraps only. Simply soak, wrap, cook, discard – what could be better!