Holland Matias Herring 4 Piece Tray



Kedasia Kosher Supervision

Each tray comes with 4 full herrings on it.


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Product Description

Herring has been a long-standing delicacy in the Jewish home, originally found in Europe though is now found in cuisines all over the world. This fish, though it grows no larger than sixteen inches long, is packed with immense protein – in 3 ounces of its small amount of meat, a whopping 9 grams of protein is carried! Considered to be an oily fish, herring has a subtly sweet flavor and a soft flaky meat that can be prepared and cooked in many ways.

Our 4 piece tray of herring contains Holland herring and Matias herring. The Holland fish is a mild, clean, and bright flavored fish with buttery soft meat. This delicious herring is most beloved by the Dutch who have gone so far as to create a day called “Flag Day” to celebrate the beginning of the Holland herring season. Matias herring are naturally found in the waters near the town Eherzund and caught very young. They are salted to perfection, giving it a strong and full flavor definitely worth a try!

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