Gefilta Fish Roll (Caterer Size)


Gefilte Fish:GF3

This product is under CRC Kosher Supervision

We do our best to make sure this item arrives frozen (it ships with ice) however sometimes it may arrive slightly defrosted and we are not responsible for that. Thank you.

Size of each Roll is 3 pounds

Does not contain matza meal and it’s NON Gebrokts


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Product Description

Gefilte fish is a kosher roll of blended fish and has been served as an hors d’oeuvre since the 16th century in traditional Ashkenazi Jewish communities and continues to be a favored dish to this day.

Carp, whitefish, or pike fish are usually the fish of choice when making the gefilte fish blend. The combination of more than one fish creates a wonderfully flavorful dish as the unique flavors of each fish are infused into the final product, the gefilte fish.

There are so many ways to serve a gefilte fish roll given its blend of flavors, depending on how sweet or savory you like it. The fish medley is combined and then rolled together to make a unique dish to serve. We recommend the most traditional combo: chilled, sliced, with a carrot sliver on top and a dollop of red horseradish sauce on the side!

Perfect for the kosher caterer this size gefilte fish is 3 lbs.

Cooking instructions

First, open the plastic bag, but don’t remove the parchment paper. Place the gefilte roll with the parchment paper on a pan with water. Add spices for your taste, however, there’s no need to add sugar. The gefilte contains sugar, but you can add salt, black pepper, onions, paprika, etc. Boil the gefilte fish roll with the paper for one hour and let it cool then slice it up and enjoy.

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