JONA Cod Filet Tray Packed

$15.60 per pound

1.5 LB filet approximately
Price may vary according to the weight

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Cod are cold-water fish found in very large schools on both sides of the Northern Atlantic. This fish became very popular in the 1700s as New England’s best-exported fish. Cod fish are low-fat, high protein fish which allows them to remain fresh as they are stored for longer periods of time. This makes them perfect candidates for export throughout the world.

The cod fish is high in protein and vitamins providing a wide range of health benefits when eaten. It is known for its mildly sweet-tasting meat with a delicate texture and large flakes. When cod fish is fresh it has an almost pearl white color and remains white even after it is cooked. Cod is a very moist fish that gives its meat a very soft texture.
Fresh cod fish is kosher and can be cooked with an endless range of flavors and seasonings and can be cooked in almost as many ways. Due to the delicate nature of the meat, fresh cod might not be the best choice for breading fish and is far better suited for baking, broiling, sautéing, or steaming!


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