JONA Branzino Filet Tray Packed

$15.60 per pound

4x 5 oz portions approximately
Price may vary according to the weight

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Our frozen branzino filets are packed in convenient meal-size portions of approximately 8 ounces. They defrost wonderfully to give you a reliably fresh piece of fish whenever you decide to cook it.

Branzino is a kosher saltwater fish that falls under the bass category. Branzino is a European sea bass usually found on the southern and western coasts of Europe. This fish has long been a staple in traditional Italian cuisine and now has become very popular all around the world. It can also be found off the north African coast. This fish has mild, delicate meat which melts in the mouth when cooked. The branzino is rich in omega-3, protein as well as the antioxidant selenium. Selenium is a particularly important factor in the functioning of the immune system as it helps lower oxidative stress in the body to reduce inflammation and increase immune strength.

A fresh branzino fish fillet is a wonderful meal, easy to cook, and simple to season. Though there are endless ways to prepare branzino, if you want to cook a branzino fish kosher style, we recommend pairing it with citrus; either as whole slices or freshly squeezed over the top when baking. Due to its mildly sweet tasting meat, the citrus combined creates a deliciously balanced flavor.


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