JONA Tilapia Filet Tray Packed



3x 8 oz portions approximately

Price may vary according to the weight


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Tilapia is one of the most popular fish choices, right up there with salmon and tuna. This is because fresh tilapia is a very affordable fish and is extremely easy to cook. This fish is packed with protein and has a low-fat content making it an excellent source of lean protein. Due to its versatility, this fish can adapt to almost any recipe and can substitute many fish, such as red snappers and sea bass.

Fresh tilapia fish has a thick, dense textured meat with a mild almost nonexistent flavor and a slight undertone of sweetness similar to what you would get from a fresh red snapper. Its meat when raw has a light pink tint and cooks to a nice white color. The delicate flavor of tilapia gives it the versatility to be seasoned and cooked any which way you like. This fish is perfect for pairing on top of or alongside a salad, with rice or delicious vegetable sides!

After receiving your fresh tilapia fish kosher order, we recommend cooking it fresh or tightly storing it in the freezer to maximize its delicate flavor and crisp freshness!