JONA Pike Steak Tray Packed

$15.60 per pound

6x 5 oz portions approximately
Price may vary according to the weight

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Yellow pike fish are known to be one of the most delicious freshwater fish. These fish have a mix of brown and bright yellow scales and are most often found in the freshwater lakes of Canada and the Northern United States. This fish has few bones in its thick yellow pike steak portions. The firm white meat of the yellow pike offers a delicate and mild flavor with earthy undertones and a medium flakey texture.

The health benefits you get from eating yellow pike fish vary widely. This fish is known to help cure anemia, strengthen immunity and bone density, and support digestive health. Consuming this fish gives you both a deliciously satisfying meal and a blast of nutrients!

The yellow pike steaks are considered to be a great fish to cook due to their mild taste – they are almost like a blank canvas for cooking, you can cook them in virtually any way with whatever seasonings and flavors you love!


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