JONA Whitefish Steak Tray Packed

$8.78 per pound

6x 5 oz portions approximately
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White fish are a mild, slightly sweet, flavored fish most often found in the deep, cold waters of North America, Asia, and Europe. The whitefish is often considered to be one of the best freshwater fish and this is because of its flavor. Since whitefish live in icy cold water, they have very high oil content which lends to the medium-firm and buttery texture they are known for. This is especially true when it is in the form of a whitefish steak. The mild flavor of the whitefish steak makes its level of sweetness interchangeable depending on the seasonings that are used when it is cooked. Grilling white fish is very popular because the high oil content allows the meat to retain its moisture on the grill rather than drying out and losing much of its wonderful soft texture.

Whitefish are also known to be one of the main ingredients used to make gefilte fish, a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish fish dish! When you buy a whitefish online from us, you can be sure that you are getting extremely fresh, high-quality fish conveniently delivered right to your door!


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