Kani Sticks

$8.99 per pound

This product is under the Kosher supervision of Rav Yechiel Babad/Chof K

Minimum order of 2 pounds.

Comes with Skin Off.


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Kani fish is widely used in the kosher world, most specifically in the realm of kosher sushi. The literal meaning of the Japanese word Kani is ‘crab’. Our Kani sticks are kosher and are simply a blend of white fish mixed with starch to imitate the look, taste, and texture of the crab. Kani is protein-dense, low calorie, and high in nutrients, adding great value to any diet. This imitation crab meat tastes delicious in rolled sushi or sushi salad. The mildly sweet flavor enhances whatever dish you use it for. The texture of a Kani crab stick is soft and melts away in your mouth when cooked.

Kanu kosher fish sticks store wonderfully in the freezer to be defrosted at any time. They retain absolute freshness when frozen and thaw out to that original crisp quality.

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Weight2 lbs


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