Otoro Belly Tuna


Frozen Fish:FR11

CRC Kosher Supervision

This portion of the tuna is from the fattiest part of the fish and it is very tasty!

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Tuna is one of the most popular and frequently eaten fish on the market. This is because it is such a delicious and versatile fish. Tuna generally has a mild meaty flavor and the health benefits are as excellent as its taste: packed with omega-3 fatty acids which serve to reduce harmful omega-6 acids and LDL cholesterol levels. The consumption of these nutrients is known to protect the body from dangerous cardiovascular diseases. Raw tuna has a red colored meat that turns into a lighter brown when cooked all the way through and processes a moist but flaky texture.

Out of all the cuts of tuna, the otoro tuna belly cut is by far the most valuable. Otoro pieces of fish refer to the meat on the underside of the fish or the belly of the fish. It is the fattiest meat that lends way to the softest and buttery texture. This moist tuna meat melts away in your mouth leaving behind a delectably rich taste.

The frozen tuna belly we provide allows the fish to be freezer-stored to be thawed out and eaten at your leisure. They freeze very well and are entirely unaffected by the freezing process.