JONA Flounder Retail Bag 14oz




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Flounder fish are a unique species of flatfish found primarily in European waters and sometimes in North American waters. A fresh flounder fish fillet should have a mildly sweet flavor and not a hint of ‘fishy’ flavor or smell which makes it a very popular fish around the world. Though fresh flounder fish has a delicate flavor, its meat is firmer and with lower oil content. However, when the sole fish fillet is cooked well, the meat turns tender and flaky while still retaining its pronounced structure that is often lost when cooking other species of fish. This fish has such a wonderful flavor profile making it perfect to be cooked in many ways including, but not limited to baking, frying, pan-broiling, grilling, and deep-frying. In addition to its appetizing flavor and texture profile, sole fish also offer a great source of vitamin B12, phosphorus, and selenium. Selenium is a particularly important factor in the functioning of the immune system as it helps lower oxidative stress in the body to reduce inflammation and increase immune strength.