Lox Spread

$59.99 per large container

5 pound container of Lox Spread/Salad

CRC Kosher Supervision


Lox is a delicious form of smoked salmon. Salmon, in any form, is one of the most popular kinds of fish eaten due to its wonderfully fresh smell and flavor, but when smoked, it gains an exotic, wood-like flavor.

Lox spread takes smoked salmon and mixes it with silky smooth cream cheese. The cream cheese has a sweet flavor that pairs beautifully with the smoky flavor of the fish. Not only do these polar flavors balance each other, they actually complement one another and make an incredible flavor combination.

The bagel, lox, and cream cheese combo has been a traditional Jewish sandwich for years and this lox spread celebrates that tradition by making it even more easily attainable! Lox spread cream cheese mixed in one container!


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