Baby Salmon Side – Steelhead Trout

$15.99$16.99 per pound

This product is under CRC Kosher Supervision

Size of Baby Salmon Side is 2.5 pounds.

Skin Off is an extra 50 cents per pound.

Please choose Skin On/Skin Off and then you will be able to choose how many pounds you want. Minimum input is 2.5 pounds.

The final price may vary slightly according to the weight

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Another steelhead we have for sale in our trout salmon fish category is the baby salmon side. These fish are known to be similar to salmon in the ways they act in water which is why they often fall under the same category of salmon trout, also known as a baby salmon portion, but they differ somewhat in taste and texture. Containing a smaller fat content, the baby salmon sides for sale offer a more delicate, flaky, and tender texture. This fish is also known for having an aroma and flavor that entirely lacks a fishy smell. Like most fish, the steelhead trout is full of omega 3 and 6 but it also provides a healthy amount of calcium and iron. The versatile fish can be served either hot or cold, as a standalone meal or accompanied by sides! Given its light and mild taste, there are endless ways to cook the fish!

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