JONA Ora King Salmon Filet Tray Packed



2x 8 oz portions approximately

Price may vary according to the weight.

Price is per pound (LB).  

Additional information

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $33.99.


Kosher Certified

A symbol of quality, and a plus for all consumers, especially for Kosher and Halal-adherent markets. All our products have their own specific Kosher certification on their label.

Healthier Packaging

AquaSeal® a breathable vacuum packaging method, is a healthier alternative which allows our JONA fresh fish to air out and retain freshness by suppressing the bacteria growth.

Fish by Fish Inspection

 Our rabbis routinely inspect every single fish for kashrut and quality so you can shop a wide variety of top quality products online and get it delivered to your home.

Product Description

Ora King Salmon is one of the most delicious salmons available. It has a balance of sweet flavors, vibrant orange flesh color, and marbled fat lines, which distinguish it from other types of salmon. It has the highest oil content of all salmon types and an elegant buttery texture in every bite. It’s perfect to enjoy raw for sashimi and, pan-seared or grilled.  

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