Breaded Pollock (Case)


Breaded Fish:Br4

Wild Caught

This product is under CRC-OU Kosher Supervision

Each piece is approx. 5 oz

Comes as a case that is 10 pounds.

The final price may vary slightly according to the weight


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Pollock is a fish preferred by many homes and restaurants due to its ideal content of low-calorie lean protein, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and selenium. This fish species travel in very large schools in the North Pacific Ocean with the highest concentrations found in the eastern Bering Sea. Pollock has no fishy flavor making it perfect for those more sensitive to strongly tasting fish. It is high in oil and has a slightly coarse flaky texture. Polock meat is light pink when raw turning into a grey-white when cooked. If you are unfamiliar with pollock fish, you might compare it with a cod as they are known to have a similar texture and light flavor.

When breaded, pollock fillets have an appetizing firm and flaky meat with a crunchy coating. The breaded pollock fillets can be easily cooked by baking or frying to delicious perfection and seasoned according to your personal preference.

Each breaded pollock fish fillet in the case is approximately 5 ounces and each case contains 10 pounds of breaded pollock fillets.