JONA Gefilte Fish 20oz



Gefilte fish is a kosher roll of blended fish and has been served as an hors d’oeuvre since the 16th century in traditional Ashkenazi Jewish communities and continues to be a favored dish to this day.

Carp, whitefish, or pike fish are usually the fish of choice when making the gefilte fish blend. The combination of more than one fish creates a wonderfully flavorful dish as the unique flavors of each fish are infused into the final product, the gefilte fish.

There are so many ways to serve a gefilte fish roll given its blend of flavors, depending on how sweet or savory you like it. The fish medley is combined and then rolled together to make a unique dish to serve. We recommend the most traditional combo: chilled, sliced, with a carrot sliver on top and a dollop of red horseradish sauce on the side!

Perfect for the kosher caterer this size gefilte fish is 3lbs.


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