JONA Smoked Salmon Gravlax 6oz




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Though salmon gravlax is similar to smoked salmon lox in appearance, it is actually processed very differently. Gravlax is salmon that has been cured with salt and sugar and infused with the flavor of fresh dill and sometimes other aromatics and spices. Unlike the lox that we eat on bagels, gravlax is not cold-smoked the way lox is but rather is cured to retain the freshness of the fish. Dry curing is a way of pulling moisture out of the sliced salmon and infusing it with the flavors of the rub. The result is a delicious, crisply fresh, and flavorful slice of salmon. We sell The Legend of JONA salmon gravlax packages.

Though pre-sliced salmon gravlax is the favorite version of salmon for some, salmon, in any form, is a great choice. Salmon is one of the most popular kinds of fish eaten due to its wonderfully fresh smell and flavor. Salmon is perfect for people who are just being introduced to the world of fish because of its mild flavor and fresh smell. The texture of salmon is silky smooth with a buttery feel. Salmon is also packed with an incredible variety of protein, vitamins, and nutrients making it one of the healthiest meals one can have. Salmon possess the necessary nutrients that can help ward off heart disease!