Smoked Tuna – 1.5 LB



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Kosher Certified

A symbol of quality, and a plus for all consumers, especially for Kosher and Halal-adherent markets. All our products have their own specific Kosher certification on their label.

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AquaSeal® a breathable vacuum packaging method, is a healthier alternative which allows our JONA fresh fish to air out and retain freshness by suppressing the bacteria growth.

Fish by Fish Inspection

 Our rabbis routinely inspect every single fish for kashrut and quality so you can shop a wide variety of top quality products online and get it delivered to your home.

Product Description

Tuna is one of the most popular and frequently eaten fish on the market. This is because it is such a delicious and versatile fish. Tuna generally has a mild meaty flavor and the health benefits are as excellent as its taste: packed with omega-3 fatty acids which serve to reduce harmful omega-6 acids and LDL cholesterol levels. The consumption of these nutrients is known to protect the body from dangerous cardiovascular diseases. Raw tuna has a red colored meat that turns into a lighter brown when cooked all the way through and processes a moist but flaky texture.

There are almost endless reasons to eat tuna, as listed above, and just as endless a list of ways to prepare, cook and eat the fish. One of the more unique ways to cook tuna is to smoke it. Smoked ahi tuna is something everyone should try at least once. This delicacy marries the sweetness of tuna with a rustic smoky flavor. The result speaks for itself! The balance between the polar flavors in a hot smoked tuna fish is perfect in that they complement each other rather than overpowering one another. What you get is delicious!

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