JONA Whole Cold Smoked Mackerel




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Mackerel is an underrated small fish with bright scales and is found on both sides of the North Atlantic ocean. Like other oily fish, mackerel has a very rich, full-bodied flavor with a relatively strong sweet undertone. The meat of mackerel is more firm. This fish is often compared to the texture of tuna. Mackerel is full of lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other vitamins that promote good heart, gut and brain health!

One of the best ways to eat mackerel is smoked. The mouthwatering combination you get from smoked mackerel fish is the perfect balance of salt in a slice of smoked dry fish. For those who have never tried smoked mackerel, you might compare it to kosher smoked salmon to get an idea. Only the finest quality mackerel make it to our market and is then smoked to perfection to give you the best mackerel experience.